Lil Toenail releases new “F*ck Sh*t” music video and it confirms my belief that he will blow up

Early last year, Lil Toenail released a bunch of tracks sporadically on YouTube and all of the streaming sites. The way that I found him was because somehow or another he was able to market himself through Spotify. Now I am not exactly sure how this is accomplished but for some reason his music kept getting suggested to one of my best friends Jon, aka MostNope. I don’t have Spotify, I have YouTube red, so I had no idea about him until one day my boy sends me a screenshot of this dude and I am like “yo I gotta see what the eff this is about”.

Well…if you have been a reader of this blog for awhile, or you are someone that met me in one of my many uber / lyft rides, or if you even know me personally. Then you know that I have been an unabashed huge fan since that day Jon sent me that screenshot. Honestly Lil Toe is probably in my top 5 if not 3 most streamed artists of 2017.

One of the songs he released in that period of last year was a song called “F*ck Sh*t” which was a banger and even got to the point that it was remixed by Riff Raff. Well now Lil Toe has dropped a music video for it, sans riff raff, and it premiered on NoJumper yesterday which is dooope af.

To me Toe has that “je ne sais quoi” something that’s just a little extra that can’t be explained that draws you to an artist. Also from personal anecdotal experience 95% of the people I have shown Lil Toe’s music have become instantly enamored with this artist just like I did. Please understand that this isn’t a small test group either that I am talking about, this doesn’t only include my friends and acquaintances. It also includes probably 100 rides out of the 1,100 uber rides in 5 months I did last year and sometimes those rides had up to 4 people in the car. I would say a conservative estimate would be that I showed his music to 150 people in Uber Rides last year and the real majority of them fxcked with it.

I just really see this guy blowing up if he continues to release bangers and quality content which he will.

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