“Generic Underdog Story”: Interview with rapper Jah Darko

You know Jah Darko reach out on Instagram and I checked out his page and thought he was cool. Just his overall character. And then reading his interview responses I found myself just vibing with his answers or chuckling. For example when I asked him a new question I have been sending in my interviews, asking “what would you tell people is your story” and he responded “the generic underdog story”. I read that and I was like that’s it, that’s the title of this.

So find out about this artist, his connection with No Jumper, and his generic underdog story:)

How old are you? 18

What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started rapping and releasing product? Being recognized in different states is crazy to me. I be in LA gettin so much love.

How did you collaborate with NoJumper? My song “Rihanna” got played on one of their first live streams that was wild. They was fuckin wit it heavy. Adam ended up tweeting it out and using it as a intro to one of his vlogs. I flew out to LA like a month later to shoot the video. Adam was in it goin crazy.

If someone where to ask you what your story is, what would be the short version you’d tell them?  The generic underdog story. Poppin up outta no where, turnin up.

What are your goals? just to inspire niggas to get what they want. Don’t be scared of nothin. Just do that shit

What did you do 2day? I been in the crib bro. Watching anime and playing Fortnite. Regular.

How did you get into rapping? I been making music since I was like 2 bro. I was always around music and people makin music. 9th grade is when I started taking it serious tho. S/o Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, and all that. All the young niggas comin up rappin was inspired by that wave. I don’t care what nobody say.

How did you come up with your rap name? Have you had any other rap names?I used to be Jah, The Pharaoh. That got corny to me after a while tho. My dad been callin me Jah ever since I can remember. I try to embody Jah as much as possible.

What jobs have you had before this rap shit?  Rap is my first and will be my only job bro. I’m not built for a 9-5.

Have you done any shows yet? Yea I just had one yesterday wit Lil Wop and Chxpo. We piped that joint up.

What are your plans for 2018? Keep turnin up and block all these niggas aunties on instagram who be in my dms wylin.

Where are you from? Does that any influence on your music? Majority of my life I’ve been in Maryland but my dad lives in LA so ever since I was young I been flyin back and forth. I went to middle school there. It’s like two different worlds. I think it helps my sound. Makes me want to make easy listenable music. No matter where you are you can fuck with it.

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no? My locals didn’t start paying attention to me till they seen I was gettin buzz in LA. I feel like thats the same for most artists though. I’m starting to get booked for more shows out here and seeing my locals pop out is tight.

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