I am surprised MoonLander’s “GoodNight” didn’t become a hit.

I remember seeing this video when it first came out and it popped up again on my YouTube red playlist while I was driving today. To be frank with you I don’t understand how this song isn’t bigger than the views its video currently has on Elevator. I mean it has about 500+ views less then 10k right now and its been out 3 months.

Why I think it should have gotten more views then it currently stands at is because of its general catchy-ness of it. It sounds like a crossover country / rap radio hit or a song you would hear every weekend at any frat in America.

You can tell that whoever MoonLander is he definitely is from the suburbs and listens to both country and rap music which is cool, because that was me to for awhile, which is why I can pick up on it. Maybe it needed more of a push or to have been released more in the beginning of summer time frame instead of January when it’s winter and there’s less parties. I see the potential for this song blasting at tailgates all over the U.S. this summer.

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