How to release your music videos: Analyzing Lil Toe’s marketing strategy

I am not even talking about his outfit or the fact his name is Lil Toe. I think Lil Toe chose his name for more “pure” reasons than some of the rappers who chose there names. But that’s a whole other article.

I am talking more specifically about how he is releasing his music videos. As someone who keeps an eye out for up and coming rappers constantly, I see a lot of rappers who are on the come up tend to release there music videos one of two ways;

  • on one channel that they think aligns with their brand and fan base. For example I mean I see where rappers will release their videos only on Elevator, or only on Astari, etc.
  • If they don’t do just that they might release on one consistent channel and then also release on WorldStar. I see this a lot with rappers who release on Elevator specifically where they release a bunch on elevator then will also drop on WSHH, Comethazine and others for example.

I understand the pros of the strategies above. By continuing to release music on one channel you are potentially cultivating a core fan base and maintaining a “brand”. But Elevator, Astari, NoJumper, etc. They are all just spring boards to get to the next level and while they do each have their own core fan bases that only watch content from them. They also share a huge cross over fan base that includes people like me and other “tastemakers” you could say. So I really think that the strategy Lil Toe is currently employing is the way to go with building a diversified core fan base. Look at what he has done in the last 5 months,

  • “Bussin Pieces”  music video on December 15, 2017 through Elevator. The video currently sits at 222k+ views.
  • “Go Out” music video on January 19, 2018 through Astari. The video currently sits at 265k+ views.
  • and then the No Jumper release today I posted previously.

I think Lil Toe is going to release a video on WSHH next and that will be the one that pops that pushes everything over the edge, or the straw that broke the camels back.

Rappers and producers reading this should think about Lil Toe’s strategy when creating there own marketing campaigns. I don’t mean copy, I mean adapt it to your own wave. So if your a producer looking to get promo instead of dropping $100 on one YouTube channel or DJ Flipp repost, maybe spread it out over several accounts. This strategy can be replicated several ways.

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