Matt Fuze and Icy Narco are a great combination!

Icy Narco’s guest verse on this song by Matt Fuze is the type of talent I saw flashes of when I first heard Icy. He’s released some bangers and some trash since then but this verse right here thooo! I think Icy Narco is getting himself together and putting together a real plot to take over. Some people say it. Icy told me all these plans he had when we talked on the phone when I interviewed him. and so many rappers do this but I really see him putting the pieces together.

Also Matt Fuze, who Nascar Superstar is the song of, is dope on this. I never heard of him up until now but I am going to be checking him for him from now that is for sure.

Check out Icy Narco’s first interview ever > here.

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