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I am trying to grow this site into something amazing. Something that gives you original and great content on the subjects in Hip Hop / Rap that other outlets aren’t covering or at the very least be one of the first to cover that subject and give my readers a leg up. But in order for this to happen I have to start raising some funds to upgrade my tools (phone and laptop) and so I can work less on my other job (uber/lyft).

For the reason I just stated and due to my blog getting bigger to the point I get contacted by anywhere from 10 to 25 rappers and producers everyday looking to get their music on my blog.

I am offering this for $1 only for the month of April.

  • I will listen to one of your songs or beats and write a honest review about it. The review will be 200 to 240 characters (about 2 or 3 sentences) and you can use this review for any promotional purposes you want.
  • I will tweet out the song or beat including the review on @CuratedFlame.
  • and I will include the song in a review round up posted on the site.

and today we have our first two songs:

  1. StineThaMan – Im Up

This track is surprisingly catchy af. I mean the recording quality aint the greatest. But the beat is beyond fire and StineThaMan raps to the point that I could see this premiering on WorldStar. I imagine that if this song gets the proper video treatment it could go low key viral.

2. “Litmoon”

The wheel stays unadvanced in this mumble rap meets autotune track by Kent Jupiter & Daytona titled “Litmoon” which is pure moon music. Meaning your head needs to be in space to vibe with this track.


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