Just found a producer who does real street raps as well

TaySav is a rapper I just saw on WorldStarHipHop but when going in to do research about him I found out that he’s actually originally a producer. Who is trying to do what other producers are trying to do as well and forge a lane for themselves as rappers as well. I don’t know enough about him so this could have been his goal the entire time, he could of been one of those rappers who said they couldn’t find the right beats so they started making them themselves. I hope to find out and soon publish an interview with him, till then enjoy his new release below.

Sidenote: If you are a producer, are you thinking of becoming a rapper as well? or is that your end goal? Is it for creative or financial purposes? would love to hear your thoughts on those questions and anything involving this subject in the comments below or if you want to email me at abrabinent@gmail.com

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