Get paid to write for CuratedFlame!

Does any of the following things sound like you?

  • Somebody who loves hip hop / rap music.
  • Someone who knows about a rapper or producer or musician who doesn’t get enough attention that they should.
  • Someone who knows about a rap scene going on in a city (in any country) that isn’t LA, NYC, OR Atlanta.
  • Somebody who loves music.
  • Somebody involved in any aspect of the music business.
  • A rapper.
  • A producer.
  • A graphic designer.
  • A model.
  • Someone who has an opinion on any subject in hip hop / rap or even any genre of music for that matter.

If you match with even just ONE of the following criteria you could be getting paid to write for CuratedFlame right now!

My website is growing at a rapid rate and I am looking for more and more original and awesome content.

What kind of articles am I looking for?


Reviews of albums, editorials (opinion) pieces, articles about why a rapper or producer is dope or sucks, an article on a musician you think is going to blow up, list articles, how to articles, etc. etc. I really don’t have any rules or restrictions besides that you meet one or some of the criteria above and that you have an original idea for a piece you want to write.


Obviously you are wondering about pay so here’s what I can offer currently:

  • $.01 for the first 500 words.
  • $.0075 any words between 501 and 1,000.
  • $.005 for any word after that.

And that is after my editing. So for example lets say you want to write an article about the rap scene in your city or country and when you send it to me, its 1,430 words but then I edit it and I only keep 1350 of your original words, you will be paid $10.50.


You would get full credit and whatever links you wanted promoted included at the end of every piece of yours published on this site. You are not being paid to be my ghost writer!

How to submit:

Email me at

In the email send me

1. A quick sentence or two about who you are.

2. Your article idea in two to four sentences.



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