Jimmy Wopo can do better than his new release “Who Run It”

A couple months back my boy, mostnope, sent me the link to the Jimmy Wopo “Patty Cake Remix” music video and he said “Jimmy stay eating off these remixes”.

And I didn’t really know what he was referencing, I mean I assumed he meant Jimmy kept remixing songs. Either way I watched the Patty Cake remix and it was dooope af. I even forwarded it over to a label owner and they f*cked with it heavy.

But yes it is true he has been steady releasing music video/ remix tracks and since November of last year, Jimmy has remixed;

  • “The Race” by Tay K
  • “Freestyle” by Lil Baby
  • “Patty Cake” by Kodak Black
  • and then now “Who Run It” by G Herbo.

The patty cake remix was the only one I had seen until doing this article and it was dope af and so were the others.  So when I saw he just released the G Herbo one I was geeked and then immediately let down.

In “Who Run It” we find Wopo remixing the G Herbo single of the same name and honestly it does not live up to the flash of greatness I saw in Patty Cake.

The Beat

Some of my disdain comes from my dislike of the beat which sounds like G Herbo  bought the first beat he found on YouTube after searching “90’s east coast type beat”.

In Patty Cake, Jimmy Wopo’s flow felt like it was at it’s home turf and stretching its feet out, in “Who Run It” Wopo’s flow feels like its a visitor and its not sure if it should keep its shoes on or off.

The lyrics  

Wopo isn’t someone I, or I think any of his fans, are looking to for poignant lyrics that are observations of the times around us. So it’s not like I am expecting him to come with lyrical greatness but, ehhh, there just wasn’t anything that really stood out in my opinion in terms of lyrics here.  Which is again the complete opposite with what he did with the Patty Cake remix. In my opinion there are several quotables throughout the Patty Cake remix such as my favorite set;

“Got base like Satchel Page
Straight out the dog cage
Straight out the batcave now I’m fucking bitches backstage (alright)
Outta town we be orderin’ bitches off the back page.”


No replay value. Jimmy needs to get back to releasing bangers and not throwaways.

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