Curry Queen is about to create a new wave

Recently I was on Twitter and I was scrolling and I found a woman who goes by Curry Queen (@lookatmeimkiad) and the reason I felt like I needed to write about her is because I think she is on the verge of creating a new trend in fashion. When I saw the pieces she was posting for sale the first thing I thought was “damn I want to see my girl in these!”

Now granted I know almost nothing about fashion but I do know that she is creative with what she is doing. From what I can gather by what her twitter bio says which is “ceo/designer/girl boss/ig: kikikinis” she is the owner of the brand/online retailer “kikis kinis”.

I am creating this post for multiple reasons;

  1. To let my readers know about who she is because I plan on securing an interview with her.
  2. To let my readers and anyone else who stumble onto this site, about her and the two pieces she’s making because I really see these becoming a big trend either this summer or next summer so get on the bandwagon now! Get aware before everyone else in your crew does.
  3. I think that what she is making are wearable pieces of minimalist art. Check out what I mean by looking at the pics below;


Please understand that this is a completely unpaid post and I have no relationship with her nor do I know her, I simply think that what she is doing / creating is simply ðŸ”¥

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