“3 AM in the trap with a zip” Discover the nightlife of Steelo P.

Steelo P is an unsigned artist from Queens New York who recently released a single called “3 AM”. In this track he intends to tell you about a normal night in the life of Steelo… And he does just that. Though please remember a normal night for you and a normal night for me and normal night for Steelo are all different.

With a chorus sung by him he tells us;

“3 am in the trap with a zip,

bust a move, blow a bag, 

hit a lick”

he lets you know exactly the life he is living and where he is coming from. And that above is just part of the chorus, after that, he continues the description throughout his verses. Where he describes in great detail his life from the awesome to the mundane that anyone could relate with, like calling an uber or lyft.

Pretty soon your going to be hearing Steelo P in your Uber or Lyft.

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