Young Buck falls short with his most recent release “Can’t Lose”

Every now and then as fans we have to deal with the fact that are favorite rappers either at some point are going to fall off or that they just can’t put out a banger every single time. I don’t know what Young Buck was thinking with his most recent song “can’t lose”. In this track he doesn’t rap at all, I guess you can say he sings, but he has way to unique of a voice for it to sound as if he’s singing. It sounds like he’s barely rapping / barely singing and it’s just totally against the work I have come accustomed to since first really listening to Young Buck when he dropped the mixtape “Live Loyal, Die Rich”.

I really hope this doesn’t mark the beginning of a trend with Buck:/ I hope maybe this is a one off he was just in the studio, high af, and liked the way his voiced sounded or something.

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