Interview with Reaux Marquez

Interview with Reaux Marquez

By BadKaleb (@musicofcarolina)

Edited by @nicejewboy

I hate to be a homer in music journalism but sometimes you know when someone is going to ‘make it’ (especially when DJ Booth & Swidlife have your back!). The Nashville, TN producer and rapper, Reaux Marquez, has a tantalizing sound and also commands a niche aesthetic in his clothing coordination.

I reached out late last night to Reaux Marquez via direct messages on Twitter. Luckily, I received a positive response.
Read the full interview below:

-Can you tell me about creating where you’re from?

Like most of the artists (hip-hop) in Nashville, we’ve been fed trap shit our whole life but it’s a selected few who took our experience from that lifestyle & created a new perspective for the audience of the Nashville rap scene or the audience of the affected lifestyles in general.

-Where are all the ‘riders’ in Knoxville? People were talking about you on Reddit. BMX, perhaps.

Ha! Funny shit. I needed a new hobby, built a BMX bike from scratch. You might catch us 8-9 deep mobbin the city but I never rode in Knox, I don’t know what they talking about.

-Can you tell me about your name? Specifically, Reaux.

My pops named me Rolandis, it’s a Ghanaian name to my knowledge. My family called me “Ro” for short. Reaux is just a visual play on that same pronunciation.

-What was the inspiration for the music video and track ‘Japan 日本’ with Josephfiend and The BlackSon?

Fiend was in the studio playing/making the beat, I kept hearing that bubble popping sound every 3rd bar & popped off the freestyle with “I’ll pop a bish bubble.” It was funny, we ran with it. I don’t usually do trap type beats but Fiend snapped on that one.

-What is your favorite collaboration you’ve released with someone to date?

I would say “FrxxFallers” or “Hi on the Lo’s” w/ my patna DB, but then I got “Bait” w/ Dopey so I’m stuck. It’s all on my soundcloud.

-What do you want to see more of in today’s media (anything media-related)?

Bruh I’m so appreciative of this question. Truth. I want more truth less facades more transparency. Generation Y/X finding ourselves too comfortable in living & upkeeping a lie. I’m sick of it.

-Can you tell me about ‘The Garden?’ It’s a nice touch on those white Cons.

The Garden is a mental/fif dimensional space I created for my creativity, specifically the music, my ideas, anybody involved w/ me has to have the ability to get in. Ha, can’t mapquest The Garden, gotta tap in.

-What should the generations after you know? Any advice would help.

Be yourself & learn as much as possible, I feel like my 11 year old lil bro know more about life itself than me. The youth is key to our growth & judgement.

-What’s your favorite cartoon or animated piece?

Ha, we gone have to kick a face2face interview to talk about this one. But quote me, these new cartoons is slaw. Except Rick & Morty.

-Where do you find peace?

The Garden. Rock Island, TN type hikes.

-What are more important to you: accolades or self-accomplishments?

Accolades play an important role in the number game, but that’s not my race. Self-accomplishments most definitely.

-What do you hope to build in/for the future?

A better relationship with the psychological & nature in general of human. I wasn’t born an introvert experiences molded me into one.

-Do you have any shout outs?

Shoutout to you mang, Curated Flame (Nicejewboy), & the now.

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