An East Coast invasion is set for 9pm on April 7th.

Neila World is presenting the largest underground showcase in the southeast.

Live performances from Lil Xelly, 10 Cellphones, Texako, Kyslingo, Slime Dollaz, Lil Turbo, BBY GOYARD and more special guests are happening underneath Toki’s Tattoo Shop. The venue is courtesy of @kudz_u and Tokipar, and it encapsulates the epitome of the underground as a subculture.  You see this all started because @kudz_u grew sick of hearing, “Nothing cool happens in NC,” so he moved back from California, and he and the crew started putting together the hottest showcases in the area. There is no stage so the performers can be more intimate with fans, and the outside of the venue is covered with graffiti. Who knows, maybe you can get a late-night tattoo upstairs while Lil Xelly rocks the microphone below.

The small town of Canton, NC is in the mountains which makes a spot like this ‘surreal’ according to the organizers.

@FadedBlackid will be handing out free stickers, too (no free smoke).


(poster designed by Tokipar)

Show details:


Toki Tattoo

107 Main St

Canton, NC 28716

Begins @ 9p.

[Sponsored by @UsVersusWorld ]

Below is a roster of the members who are in Neila World;

Neila World (‘Creative Collective’) Roster:

  1. @hassanaborahma1 
  2. @meatskele10 
  3. @Gren8Beats 
  4. @i8bitch 
  5. @drewbrees0 
  6. @luxgocrazy 
  7. @sadbalmain 
  8. @sunivega 
  9. @trapphon3s 
  10. @kudz_u 
  11. @dotmidorii 
  12. @eqmadeit 
  13. @fadedblackid 

Article by BadKaleb (@musicofcarolina)

Edited by Nicejewboy


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