Interview with FILOSOFI , video editor for NoJumper

FILOSOFI is a jack off all trades! He is a music producer, visual artist, and video editor over at NoJumper. Today I have the honor of publishing an interview with him after my homie @Prod. By Kat connected us. Find out more about this artist, behind the scenes player, and tastemaker, in the interview below.
How old are you? I’m 22. I turn 23 in November.
Where are you from? Baltimore, Maryland
Who are your influences? My biggest influence was Kanye West. His passion and drive motivated me to pursue my goals. I’m inspired by the confidence he had in his vision and his fearlessness when it came to experimenting and trying new things.
What did you do before this? I do a lot. I’ve edited videos (obviously), shot music videos, shot at shows (concerts/showcases), produced music, and also used to do graphic design. I dabble in things when I’m driven to or need to, but right now I’m really just editing videos. I’ll cook up some beats every now and then, but only when I really feel inspired to.
Who do you think is the new wave of 2018? Who I think is gonna blow this year? I think Sheck Wes will blow and I can also see Comethazine having a big come up this year. I feel like I could name other people too, but those are the ones fresh in my head right now.
How’d you land the position? Last fall, I was making edits of things I watched on Youtube when Adam dropped the Rico Recklezz interview. The interview had me dying, so I made an edit of it. I figured Adam would enjoy it if he saw it, so I DM’d it to him not even expecting to get anything out of it. He reposted it on the No Jumper channel and when it started going viral, he said if I made a couple more, he might hire me. I made 2 more edits of the Rico Recklezz interview and it was history from there. Since then, I think I’ve continued to show how valuable I am outside of just editing videos. Adam is a visionary and he sees the visionary in me as well, so I think I’m gonna play a big part in the ascension of the No Jumper empire.
Everybody wants your job. What can you tell the folks trying to get into the field you’re in? I’d tell them not to “try” to get in it. BE in it. BE it. I don’t need a degree, certification, cosign, or permission to be in the field I’m in. This is what I am. I grew up loving and creating art/music and always wanted to work in this field. By simply being me and doing what I naturally wanted to do, it led me on this path. All it takes to be a video editor is to edit videos. My interest and passion for it is what gives me the drive to put in the time and effort it takes to elevate in this field. There’s a lot of shit that comes with it, so if you don’t love it or have a natural calling to it, it’ll be even more difficult. You have to be persistent and constantly learning about your craft and the industry. Networking and making connections plays a big part too. You cant just sit in the house all day spamming your content to your friends. Build genuine relationships, plant seeds, and put a persistent effort into manifest
What traits make someone easy to work with? // -Who has been your favorite figure to work with? Being a good listener and being able to play your role can go a long way when working in a group or partnership. I don’t think I’ve personally worked with any of the bigger artists outside of editing the No Jumper videos. I will be soon though, for sure.
Why do you feature figures (artists, designers, etc.) from the underground when more money can be made with bigger artists? It’s not all about the money. Building relationships with bigger artists is cool, but it’s essential to keep your ears to the streets and have a relationship with the youth and the future “bigger artists”. A lot of the “bigger artists” were once underground. We take pride in being a lift for artists who may not receive the same opportunities or coverage from bigger platforms despite their fanbases and movements. Certain artists are too talented not to feature, whether they have millions of fans or not.
What’s the toughest part of your job? The toughest part of the job is dealing with people. I’m now a bigger asset, so everyone wants to be my friend. Old friends want to rekindle friendships, while I’m meeting and interacting with new people every day. I like to spread love, but when everyone wants to talk to me at once, it gets hectic. I’m gonna have less time for people and a lot of them will take it the wrong way. It’s not really anything new, but it gets gradually worse the bigger I get. I also have to deal with everyone in the world sending me their music begging me to put them on or to repost their content. Though it’s annoying sometimes, I love finding new music/artists. I try to help as many as I can.
How does No Jumper pick talent to showcase/feature? I just became a part of the team recently, so I don’t really know, but if we come across work we like, we usually take note of it. I plan to have an influence on that, because I think I have the vision to discover new talent and see who has the most potential.
Did Gucci Mane (or his label) ever tell you to quit using his song for your intro? I don’t think he’s ever had an issue with it and No Jumper has actually had a great relationship with Gucci. Him and Adam are fans of each other and have a mutual respect.

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