Does posting your links on twitter work?

The question I am trying to answer for you today is “does posting my link on other tweets and just tweeting in general really work?”

For the lazy or ones that are to busy and don’t want to read further, the short answer is yes it absolutely does! and if you need some help posting your links on the right tweets click > here .

For those who would like to see some anecdotal proof or if your just interested to see what kind of potential results can be brought from doing this strategy, please continue reading.

First lets focus on the month of March;


Now those impressions above are all organic and unpaid for! I honestly am stunned at the amount of unpaid impressions I have attained in a little under a month without paid advertising. To put that number in perspective, I would have to spend $1,100 on Instagram to reach anywhere from 150,000 to 390,000.


I could spend $1,100 and potentially reach less than half of the amount of people I reached on Twitter with no money spent.

What did 374,600 seeing my tweets do for my content?

  • 6, 838 profile visits
  • 3,6000 link clicks

So of the 374,600 people who saw my tweets, 1.8% of them visited my profile and .096% visited my site. Percentage wise that doesn’t seem like that many but that is still 3, 600 people who wouldn’t have visited my site otherwise! For some websites 3,600 unique visitors is what they do in a day but for my website which is only turning 1 year old in late April, 3.6k visitors is a substantial amount. In fact the 3.6K visitors I was able to bring to my site through Twitter represents 26% of my monthly traffic in March.

What’s my strategy for posting tweets?

First, I post a tweet with the right hashtags every time I create a post which is a great help for promoting content but in my opinion it plays second fiddle to the other part of the strategy. The other part of the strategy is posting the link of whatever you are promoting on popular tweets that are somehow related to your content. Look at my example below;

On March 6th, I posted a link to my interview with porn star Anastasia Knight on a tweet by the account PornHubVideos. My tweet response ended up looking like this below;


Now yes the link I was posting was an interview (and photo set) with a porn star BUT the tweet I was posting the link on was not a video or GIF of Anastasia, it was just a popular tweet of a porn gif. I posted that tweet response on March 6th but the original tweet that I was posting on was posted February 17th so it had already been up for awhile however I was still able to reap a good return on this post (see below).


Nearly 14K people have seen my tweet and 114 people have visited my site to view this post. At the end of the day even if they don’t stick around the website to see other posts at the end of the day I have still gained;

  • more people to my total visitor count
  • Money! because every person who visits my site sees ads on the page they are viewing. Its a fraction of a penny but those fractions add up.
  • More people have seen the name Curated Flame and nicejewboy.

Final thoughts:

If you make sure to follow the strategy and not post your links on unrelated tweets you will be able to get real results. Its pretty simple if you are a producer who has a comethazine type beat dont post it on a Macklemore tweet, try and post it on comethazines tweets or rappers and producers of that aesthetic.

Lastly if you need some help posting your links on the right tweets click > here .

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