Let’s talk about Famous Dex Japan lyrics

I am not typically a fan of Famous Dexter but Japan is pretty damn catchy. I’ve listened to it probably a dozen times since it came out close to two weeks ago. The beat produced by JGramm is insanely catchy and sounds perfectly matched with the song title, i.e. its a drippy video game esq beat.

But let’s talk about some of the lyrics in the song because Famous Dex gives absolutely no f*cks.

  1. Clearly Dex is not one of the rappers giving up on the Xan movement, Dex still reps its strong.
  2. At one point Dex says ” I think its past 8, took her to my place, baby ate me like some cake, wait..”… Now depending on what your interpretation of that is, he could be meaning simply that she gave him some deep throat but what it really seems like he is saying is that shawty ate the booty like groceries… Which damn Dex, way to just throw that out there.
  3. Immediately after that, Dex then shouts out his coke dealer named Jake.

So yeah Dex gives no f*x.

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