3 Beats you need to hear from Izak

For anyone not informed, Izak is the producer behind Rubbin Off The Paint by YBN Nahmir. Surprisingly, IZAK is still uploading beat videos on YouTube and I didn’t even realize it was his page. These three beats are some of his most recent though there are a plethora of other beats available on his page you should check out. I just really found these three beats to be amazing!

Scroll down to check out the beats and my thoughts on each one.


“New Ways” is a beat that fits in the Trippie Redd x Pierre Bourne atmosphere perfectly. The video used for it is the Poles 1469 video which is very fitting, it has the exact same vibe. Honestly the way I want to describe this beat is say it sounds as if someone could make a suburb broken heart high school prom story on it but at the same time it could also see some street drug rap lyrics on it at the same time

The beat is called a trippie redd x pierre bourne x playboi carti type beat, but just like all the other type beats on his page you can definitely see a signature sound that rides across all of the beats Izak makes.


This second beat is clever. Lol I am pretty sure it’s almost the exact same melody or all around beat just sped up and changed a little bit to make it have a more party vibe. I could see a Trippie Redd x Wiz collaboration on the beat below.

The third beat switches things up a little bit and gives us a sound that I can see a plethora of artists rapping on. Some will say they could see a young head like Tay K killing this beat and sure I definitely see that but I also think it sounds like it would be perfect for Young Buck. The artist I think that would most kill this beat, would be a young or even now, Boosie! Honestly this beat sounds like it would be perfect on Youngest In Da Camp”, boosie’s first album.

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