Interview + 4 beats with HAVEN BEATS

I was able to secure an interview with HAVEN BEATS because of his homie Maxo Koolin who I did an interview with recently. Maxo told me to hit up HAVEN, who was already on my list of producers to interview, so it worked out perfectly.

Why did I want to hit up HAVEN?

  • He produced the AALIYAH KEEF mixtape for Cuban Doll
  • 13.8k+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • 3.1+ million views on YouTube.

To find out more about this producer on the rise, keep scrolling down!

Credits? cuban doll, joey trap , wetbackmanny, lil johnnie, lil boom

Age? I am 21

Dumbest excuse a rapper had for not having the money on time? I havent had too many memorable weird excuses I guess most people say “Hey im getting my check on friday can I pay u then ?” and then they never pay me lol

Where are you from? I was born in New York and Grew up on the east coast . Lived in Vermont when I was very little and moved to Westchester county NY with my dad when I was like 11.

How long have you been producing? How did you get into it? I have been producing since around Freshman in high school but I didnt start seriously making beats till about Junior or Senior year. I got into make beats because I was bored, I had FL studio on my computer and I had been messing around with it but never made anything good..I just kept working on it

What is the dopest thing to happen to you since releasing music? The dopest thing that ever happend to me was to make money off my music.

Influences? I have too many influences to say because I am influenced by every genre. I grew up on a lot of old school hip hop and jazz . but I’ve pretty much dipped in to every type of music besides classical.

Any shoutouts? I would like to Shout out everybody who supports me and all my fellow youtube producers I dont really want to put names because I dont want to feel like I left anybody out.

Best platform for selling beats? I think the best platform right now is youtube.

Any other income streams? No other income besides youtube ads

Process for making a beat? Ok so my process is usually finding the Melody Or sample first and then adding hard drums over it. simple

What do your beats cost? My beats cost 50$ for lease, 100$ for exclusive lease and 500$+ for full rights to a beat.


What is the most you made from one beat? The most ive made from one beat is 333$

Any stories on how you got some placements? Legit I just wake up and Find out about placements . like with comethazine somebody else told me that he use my beat lol.

Hardware or software? Why?  I dont have much hardware besides  a laptop and some headphones but I use FL Studio because its easy and what i started on

Plans for 2018? my plans for 2018 is to ride in a private jet while getting top

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