superlove – GEMINI

I hate that this bangs. I mean its a dope song and I enjoy it. But…

I was going to make fun of this. For real, I mean who is this random white guy who looks like he’s 5 years to old to be wearing the clothes he’s wearing and doing this grunge infused post lil peep rap. But then again, I wonder, like when Peep and XXX first started to blow and the floodgates started to open I was saying it was just a bunch of dudes who were a couple years to young to be in a warped tour or screamo band so they switched to rap. But now Im wondering like if Lil Peep, XXX, and a handful of others that I am sure someone will message me about forgetting,  if what they really did is made it possible for all these other artists who might have been in punk rock but they also loved rap.

I mean thats always been a thing. If you want to trace Punk rock infused rap obviously you cant’ have that discussion without mention ICE T, P.O.S. , and the beastie boys. But with the new era that started with Peep and XXX, and then all the copycats and “influenced by” that are coming in after in the post lil peep era, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised or judge someone whose in their late 20’s, early 30’s putting out this grunge rap banger. But I still am hesitant with this wave, because sometimes I wonder is it the Post Malone thing, you know being a musician, fan and lover of a different genre that isn’t rap but doing rap because it’s what’s “hot” and “easy”.

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