Hooligan Chase drops “A Dam Shame” and it might be his best beat yet

This might be the best beat ever made by Hooligan Chase!

The lyrics are classic Hooligan Chase which is in the vein of Riff Raff, but more lyrically intelligent, and down to earth / relatable. But it’s the beat that’ll keep you heavy replaying it. This beat reminds me of the feeling of spinning around in a field on a spring or summer day, on acid, while the little floaties on all the dandelion flowers before they bloom blow away in the wind.


Editors note: Hooligan Chase is probably the rapper I am most proud about finding out about and interviewing before anyone knew them. Admittedly his interview isn’t the most read, its the #3 on most read for rappers,  with Icy Narco #2 and ILOVEFRiDAY #1, getting the most views.  But even though his interview isn’t the most popular yet. Hooligan Chase makes the music I listen to the most and I really believe he is here to stay in Hip Hop / Rap.

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