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With my site and trying to attain interviews with the producers I think will be running hip hop/rap in the next 5 to 10 years to come, I often see a name and it takes me awhile to get to finally reaching out to them. In fact, that’s how it works with most of the music I listen to and write about as well. I’ll see a name, it registers in my head, and then after I see it a certain amount more times at some point something clicks in my head and im like yo lets check this out finally.

Well Maxo Koolin is definitely one of those producers whose name I had seen around a fair amount. Both from when I am looking for beats on YouTube and I see a recommended beat, and also I had see his name on soundcloud a few times as the producer of a track. I swear I thought I had reached out to him already in one of the countless emails I had sent out, but it turns out I hadn’t.

You see Maxo Koolin is a young producer on YouTube who is putting up serious numbers in a short amount of time, about a year to be exact. In less than a year, Maxo’s YouTube numbers are:

  • 12K+ subscribers
  • 2 million+ views.

I reached out, and below you can find out more about this young producer on the rise as well as check out some of his beats that are for sale.

How old are you? I am 16 years old


Produced for : Blake, Joey trap, wetbackmanny and lil Johnnie to name a few


  • Blake – done.
  • Joey trap- squidwards nose, zombies etc.
  • Lil Johnnie – trap hot

What’s a funny thing that has happened to you in this rap game? A funny thing that happened to me was about 5 months ago I was trying to link up with an artist named Joey trap, (makes really good music by the way) and I dmed him on Instagram and almost immediately after, he messages me back saying, he was looking for me but could never find my Instagram. So it all started from there and now we have SO MANY songs together (some unreleased) and I’m actually one of the few producers in his group now (Kloud Gang)

Where are you from? I’m from Jacksonville Florida

How long have you been producing? I have been producing for about a year

What is the dopest thing to happen to you so far? The dopest thing that has happened to me so far was hitting 10k subscribers. It was a huge milestone for me.

Who are your biggest influences production wise? My biggest influences were Godlike Pariah and Byou$

Any shoutouts you would like to give? I would like to shout out “Joey Trap” and all of Kloud Gang, my brother “Sad Centaur” (he also produces, and was my first supporter), and  “Haven Beats” probably the coolest person I’ve met on my journey so far.(hes also a great producer you should check him out too)

What is the best avenue or platform for selling beats in your experience? For me the best way to sell beats is from YouTube, I don’t have a traktrain or beatstars or anything like that.

Do you have any other income streams? Some other income streams I have are some songs I’ve produced that are on Spotify, Itunes etc.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? I think some people would be surprised to know that I’ve been producing for hardly a year. Usually when people ask me and I tell them they are surprised.

Email Pack

Emails of 260 rappers to send beats + multiple updates with new rappers every month for 3 months + Free promo for one of your beats on IG & Twitter.


What is your process for making beats? My process for making beats is just making a dope melody or finding a cool sample and then just go crazy on it lol. I usually try to make my kicks and 808s hard.

How much do your beats cost? My normal cost for beats range from about $200-300

What is the most you made from one beat? The most I’ve made from a beat is $300

Any stories behind your placements or a placement? One way I got a placement was, BLAKE (Houston TX rapper) emailed me from a totally different email and bought a beat from me lol, the songs pretty hard (BLAKE – DONE)

What hardware/software do you use and why? I use FL studio 12, the reason I use it is because one day I just looked up “how to make beats” and every tutorial had fl studio so i just downloaded it and we’ll… Yeah

How many leases you sell in 2017? I’ve sold too many leases to count in 2017

What are your plans for 2018? My plans for 2018 are to reach 50k subscribers and get way more placements (which I will).

Who do you think is part of the new wave in 2018? I think “Haven Beats” , “Sauron” and “Godlike Pariah” are a part of the wave

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