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7I don’t know why but it seems that the last 3 producers, including Oakerdidit, that I have published interview/article pieces on, have been some youngins who have made major head way in a year or less. In fact, Oakerdidit is only 17 and I found out while writing this piece that this month marks the 1 year anniversary of when he started his producer youtube channel.

In the year that he has been active on YouTube releasing beats he has racked up;

  • 1.9K subscribers

I was impressed by his beat making and I reached out to do an interview which you can check out below as well as 4 of his beats.

How old are you? 

Anything funny or crazy happen to you in this game called rap? 
Yeah I get so many goofy rappers hitting me up looking for handouts and trying to finesse me just because they have 2000 fake ig followers. It’s hilarious.

Where are your from?
Cape Town south Africa

How long?
About a year. I got into producing so I could rap over my beats, but once I started I just didn’t care about rapping anymore.

Who are your biggest influences?
Metro, ronny j, 808 mafia.

Shoutout my boy Shamsi.

Best avenue for selling beats?
Youtube is the best place to get your beats heard hands down. I find selling beats to be the easiest through traktrain right now.

My beats cost between 100-150 dollars for exclusive.  15-20 dollars for leases.

Most off one beat?
About 300 dollars. Not much but it’s good for me.

Fl studio of course. It’s just simple to use

Plans for 2018?
I plan on hitting 8k subs by the end of the year. Making over 2k on beats in one month. And getting a decent placement with a more well known rapper.

New wave?
Lil mosey and comethazine.

Standard Royalties of a song with my beat depends on the lease sold. A lease is 50% Royalties.  Exclusive is 20% royalties.

Youtube monetization? 
I am not monetized yet. Youtube has been slow to review my channel for monetization for the past month now.

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