Who is @Himynamesteee?

If you are on twitter or instagram chances are you have seen a picture or video of a girl going by the name of “Himynamesteee”.

There are so many fake accounts on twitter claiming to be her its ridiculous.

She only has only one twitter account and one instagram account.

They both are @Himynamesteee.

But my question is, who is she? is she just a model or a instagram influencer? I tried to reach out to do an interview with her but her manager responded saying her “day rate” was $3k. “Day Rate”? so is she an actress or video vixen?

I also saw on her page that she said something about doing her first stand up set. and all of her instagram / twitter videos are hilarious. So maybe she’s a model/influencer trying to parlay some fame into a comedy career?

I plan on keeping an eye out on tee and you should to because I have a feeling she is going to be someone we start seeing in tv shows and movies a lot and very soon.

In the meantime, check out some of her photos below.




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