Interview + photo set with instagram model & influencer , @slimgvl

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will know that my two main tools for finding people to interview and/or showcase on this site are Instagram and YouTube. Recently while on my instagram explore page I found the profile of @slimgvl.

Who is @slimgvl?

The way I would describe it to someone who doesn’t know her or what she does, is I would say “she is an instagram model and influencer, someone who takes great pics and shares dope content”.

From the way she says it she is someone who is creating a platform to  share quality content,advice for getting a toned physique, and sharing beauty tips and her traveling experiences. Which is true, that is what she is doing!

Stats for her IG account: 

That engagement rate is pretty amazing compared to some of the other accounts I’ve analyzed. If you don’t know, an engagement rate is when you add up the total amount of likes and comments on the last 20 posts for an account and then divide that number by the amount of followers.

To find out more about slimgvl in our exclusive interview and to check out some of her photos, keep scrolling down!



Where are you from? I’m from Germany but live in Georgia

What locations does instagram tell you are the top locations for your followers?

  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Augusta, GA

How many photos do you take a day? It’s not really a set amount but I take several per day depending on my mood. It doesn’t take long to take a picture that I want to post.


When did you start ur ig page? I started my page last summer just for fun, then with each post my page gained more and more attention and it turned into what it is today.

What inspired you to be an influencer? I noticed how influential and big Instagram has become so I thought it would be great to have my own platform where I could create and share quality content. Having a platform can really open doors and give you great opportunities to network with other people.

For those who dont know what do you do? Its pretty straight forward, I create different looks, share tips and advice to achieve a toned physique, updates, travel experiences and any other things I feel like sharing.


For anyone interested,  what are your rates and for what services? I haven’t been big on promo as of yet because my audience is still growing , but I have done shout outs and promotions in the past and I charge 5-10$ depending on how long it stays up. I can post products, shout outs, videos and anything of that sort.

How long have you been an influencer? 9 months

Whats been the hardest part of getting to where you are now? Taking good pictures just comes natural to me, so it wasn’t really hard in that sense. Initially I didn’t think it would get this big though, I was like maybe I’d get around 400 likes, but then as my account grew my posts kind of blew up. My experience with social media has been largely positive. I don’t give negative opinions and irrelevant people the time of day and just do me cause ultimately they have no life.


What is the most money you made from a client to your influencer services? 100$ from a sponsored brand post

Is this all you do. Any other jobs? My main focus right now is getting my degree and working on my modeling career which calls for a relocation to California.

Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you? I’m great at painting, drawing and interior design.


Whats your process for a photo before it gets uploaded? Sometimes I adjust the brightness, grain or saturation of the picture and add edits like hearts and flower crowns.

Whats one food you dont dislike but you could live without ever having again? Tacos


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