Tell me Lil Mosey doesn’t remind you of Speaker Knockerz

I have been trying to tell yall about my theory that Speaker Knockerz is one of the most influential producers and rappers to ever do it in this game!

I made a podcast a while back about it actually you can check out > here.

But I am writing this post about the artist Lil Mosey. If you don’t know who Lil Mosey is, he is currently on the come up because of the video he released on Elevator in November for his track “Pull Up”.

and then about a month ago the audio for another track of his called “Ion See You” was released.

Both of these songs, to me, sound exactly as if Speaker Knockerz was still alive producing beats. And then if you add in the lyrics, and the flow that is both somewhat sing songy rap and somewhat auto tuned, its undeniable to me that Lil Mosey is not what I would say a “Speaker Knockerz clone” but he is definitely influenced by the Speaker Knockerz sound.

Lil Mosey is only 16, and I don’t know his background, so he might not even know who Speaker Knockerz is. Though I have to think he has to know because the sound and feeling are so similar. I heard “Ion See” You his newest track and I immediately hit up Xay Scott, who knew Speaker Knockerz, and he agreed, the beat sounded just like a Speaker Knockerz beat.

This post is in no way a knock to Lil Mosey. Truly I think Lil Mosey is talented af, and has that rare quality that I can’t put my finger on. I also feel that Lil Mosey is like Post Malone, in the sense that he will be around for a lot longer than some people might expect him to be. I just want to keep showing people that Speaker Knockerz influence continues to this day, I mean its now 4 years and 1 week since the mans death and there are beats and full songs still sounding like him.


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