“Im 18 with a bullet!” HVSTLVY reminds me of a grimier G-Eazy

I just found out about HVSTLVY because of the interview I just published with Dre.StillPoppin.

and I listened to the dudes music and for some reason it’s sticking with me.  The same way, Hooligan Chase and Icy Narco, left me with an impression early on. HVSTLVY is kind of doing the same.

HVSTLVY almost reminds me of G-Eazy and 36 Mafia… A grimier G-Eazy or Hooligan Chase.

I think he’s a little bit a way from gaining real traction with his music, cause I don’t think the choruses are fully there yet, but his flow has flashes of greatness. To understand where I see the flash of greatness and the comparisons, listen to the song below, but also specifically the part from 2:14 to 2:31.  I almost listened to this song 4 times already because of that specific part especially when he exclaims “Im 18 With A Bullet!”

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