Lil Dusty G reminds me of Landon Cube meets Lil Peep

I’ve never claimed to be a particularly big fan of Lil Peep, but for one of my best friends that is his favorite rappers, and one of my favorite rappers is also IloveMakonnen, so for those two reasons especially I have huge respect for Lil Peep and what he did.

Recently there has been a large outpouring of artists trying to maybe fill in the hole he left behind. Most of what I hear is complete garbage. But last night I found out about a guy named Lil Dusty G and I don’t know, his music is starting the process of becoming something I listen to a good amount. I mean I actually have already played his track ghost rider about 3 times in the last 24 hours and I suspect it might get many more plays from me this week.

The guy featured on the song below, Ronen, really ruins the song, if you can just skip his part and pay attention to the Lil Dusty G parts I think you will get what I am seeing / hearing.




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