Interview with GlokkNine, the Florida rapper Up Next.

GlokkNine is a rapper out of Florida I have written about on this blog before very recently. I first talked about how his video’s were starting to get a lot of views and how I feel like he might be able to fill in the void left behind by Kodak Black’s recent incarceration.

I mean watch the music video for his track “Armed and Dangerous” and you tell me he doesn’t remind you of Kodak Black. Florida seems like it is the new Atlanta with how many rappers are creating actual careers down there.

Anyways, being one of the first blogs to show GlokkNine support and I am pretty sure, being the first one to reach out for an interview, GlokkNine showed love and was down to do the interview. To find out more about this artist and to check out his two official music videos, keep scrolling down.

pre rolled cones







pre rolled cones

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