MostNope reviews Pouya’s new album “FIVE FIVE”

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Pouya’s second solo project FIVE FIVE dropped at Midnight on Sunday and to be honest, I really had no idea what to expect. The few singles that came out steered in totally different directions; so finally getting to listen to everything put together has been more than worth the wait.

FIVE FIVE slowly builds itself from a relaxed and introspective vibe into a head-banging and bloodthirsty one-two combo that showcases what both Pouya, and Mikey the Magician are really capable of. More importantly, it connects. From the west-coast, vintage bone thugs feel on “Aftershock” to the dark and nasty wave of the title track, the range is something both original and seriously impressive. (If the beat switch in “One Time” don’t make you move, I don’t trust you). The album closes on a slightly softer note that is a fitting comedown from the ride and left me wishing it was twice as long.

Pouya has been through a lot last few years and FIVE FIVE is an obvious yet perfect manifestation of that. As a fan, I was definitely not disappointed and even if you weren’t waiting on it, I’m sure you won’t be either.
If you’re with the shits and got 32 min go listen to it. It bangs.

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