Interview and photo set with instamodel and influencer K.Wettt

K. Wettt is an instagram influencer and “baddie”, one of the girls I would expect to see in a Tash type beat video. I reached out to her and she responded back asap! Check out some pics and scroll down to find out more about her!


How many photos do you take a day?  I take about 100 photos every other day, trying to get the perfect one lmao.

For those who dont know what do you do?  I’m an Instagram “baddie”

When did you start ur ig page? I started ig when I was 11 and didn’t start taking it serious till about 16. So my old Instagram is really embarrassing and cringey 😭

What locations does instagram tell you are the top locations for your followers? My biggest follower base is Atlanta and Sacramento


What inspired you to be an influencer? I guess you could say👀 I just love looking good for the gram .. and then showing it off. Also the people who inspired me were the girls who were confident and sexy😍 and the ones who make it look so easy. Those were the people who really created my image.

For anyone interested,  what are your rates and for what services? I do $5 promos and I also represent clothing for $ or a reimbursement in their line (:

Whats been the hardest part of getting to where you are now? Well my ig photos didn’t really take off till last year, so I think that’s fair to say that, that’s when I actually became an influencer.

What is the most money you made from a client to your influencer services?  The most I made for my services was 200 and that was to host a party 🎉


How much would you say you make monthly on average?  I make at least 500 a month, and I’d say that’s pretty good for only having 14k.

Is that all you do. Any other jobs? Oufside of the glorious Instagram photos, I do sports including softball.. messy lmao

Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you?  I’m 5’11!

Whats your process for a photo before it gets uploaded? I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to photos! I have a TON that I haven’t uploaded because something as little as an eye lash is off lmao. I’ll usuallf take about 200 and then go through and pic my favorites and edit the lighting on my favorite one.. on a good day

Whats one food you could live without ever having again? I hate pancakes. I could live with out that forever. Ew.

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