On the fence about Yelawolf’s “Get Mine” ft. Kid Rock

I pressed play to this song then went to another page to read something. So I didn’t see who the featured artist was at first, I just knew it was a new Yelawolf song. An artist who I have been listening to since 2009 (and know about since at least 2007). I initially thought when I first heard the chorus that it was Hank Williams Jr. singing but then I saw nope it was Kid Rock. 

I am not sure exactly how I feel about this track. I mean it is classic Yelawolf and I feel like it might grow on me but I am honestly still on the fence. It has potential for replay value, but then again I am not really into that Kid Rock or classic rock/rap crossover stuff. But then again I’ve always appreciated and liked Yelawolf’s country rap with rock influece spin on things. So time will show if I go back to play it.

Also, I find something a little interesting.

Saweetie’s Anti video, Key Glock’s Russian Cream, and Yelawolf’s Get Mine video were all released yesterday. Yet Yelawolf has the lowest amount of views with only 55K so far and he is a more established artist, so you got to wonder, whats up. I mean I am still a fan of his but he isn’t one of my most played anymore and hasn’t been for awhile. Is it that? Or did years of being a hard to work with musician and threatening to quit and having nervous breakdowns at shows cause this? Or is it a completely different factor?

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