“Like Popovich” – Interview and music with rapper Dubwah

Dubwah is another rapper I found through soundcloud. He actually is associated with VNGNC3 which I think is exactly how I found him. I reached out to him because I heard his song “Popovich” which kinda really banged with me, like not the way I expected to either.

I actually think Dubwah has a chance of becoming big in this day and age. I mean, if you want to be real about it, I found Icy Narco and reached out to him based solely off of his 21 savage bank account remix. And the Popovich song is better constructed and more well put together. I also get early Mac Miller vibes from this artist.

Check out Dubwah’s track, popovich, a few of his other tracks, and find out more about the artist, by scrolling down.

Please list any official projects and videos?

  • I have 5 singles on Soundcloud at the moment. My 2 most popular songs are Popovich and Bender. I’m also in the middle of working on my debut mixtape My High Point.

How did you come up with your rap name?

  • My rap name, came from when my homie stopped saying you’re the boy to me and started saying your Dubwah because he thought it sounded fancy and  French. I always loved how it sounded so I decided to use it as my name-

Have you had any other rap names?

  • When I first started rapping just with friends free styling before putting out music I went by Vanilla impact.

What jobs have you had before this rap shit?

  • I worked construction for a few years  & I worked at Macys

Whats the craziest story from rapping u got so far? Anything from an afterparty,  touring, etc.

  • 100%. It was being in a public place and actually getting recognized and meeting fans for the first time. It was the most mind blowing experience.

Where are you from? Does that any influence on your music?

  • i’m from Thornton, Pa in the Philadelphia suburbs. I have loved in the city though for the last 4 years. This influences my music in a lot of ways because I don’t want to be looked at with the stigmas of being another joke wannabe rapper kid from the burbs and talk about shit I don’t do like slim Jesus. It really pushes me to work harder and be better then everyone so no one can doubt my skill and my potential.

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no?

  • Yeah I’m involved in the local rap scene. I founded a group called CreamSkinnedDons. I also work with allot of local producers like Calvin Deshon and artists like Kayo609, Jfed, VNGNC3, Deez-o, Young Blasian and many more.

How old are you?

  • 21 I’ll be 22 in may

What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started rapping and releasing product?

  • That’s easy, the greatest moment so far of my career is when Popovich which is the second song I ever made hit 20,000 plays in 2 months with no promotion. That moment showed me that I really do have a shot at being a real star one day.

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who are your favorite producers you been working with?

  • Originally I was just finding beats off YouTube. Recently I’ve been working with my homie prodbynobody who is new to the game but is so talented and only getting better. One of my favorite producers who I’ve been working with has to be Calvin Deshon. Keep your eye on him because he is insanely talented and it is only a matter of time before he blows up.
  • I also have to shout out to Geronimo from WavLabStudios. He is one of the best engineers/producers out now and he really helps me out and I look up to him as a mentor

What are your goals?

  • My goal is to build an empire larger than just music like Diddy, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Etc.

what did you do 2day?

  • I made plans to meet with a clothing factory to start producing Merchandise. I also met with My Web designer to see the progress we’ve made to get the CreamSkinnedDons site.

Have you done any shows yet?

  • I haven’t done any shows yet but my first show is on March 11 with Concert Crave at the House of Independence. Then I’m heading down to Austin, Tx for my headlining show at SXSFlex. I’m about to put on an insane performance for all the fans even with my torn acl.

What are your plans for 2018?

  • That’s simple my plan for 2018 is to take over the industry. I am part of a music collective called the CreamSkinnedDons and I plan on building the brand up not just musically but also from a business aspect. We are already in the works of creating our own clothing line, and in the begining stages of having our website up and running. This year personally I jus  plan to release my debut mixtape My High Pointby the end of the year I want to have my foot on the door in the industry so I can put my team on and crest an empire.

I see your going to be performing at sxsw? How did that come about?

  • They had an  open submission for artists to send music they ended up likening my music and got back to me and Gave me the opportunity to preform and I’m gonna put on one hell of a show. I’d also like to say I am so grateful for the opportunity to preform .

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