I’ve interviewed 4 of the producers on 6IX9INE’S Debut “Day 69”

So I didn’t even realize it until doing a post on the new “Billy” music video, but apparently I interviewed the producer before a couple months ago. So I looked up the full credits of the album and it turns out, I have interviewed 4 out of the 8 total listed producers on the Day 69 album / mixtape by 6ix9ine. You can see which producers by scrolling down and then check out their interviews below by clicking their name.

Producer – BeatMenace 

Tracks produced:

  • Billy
  • 93
  • Mooky
  • Chocolate

Producer – Koncept P

Tracks produced:

  • Rondo
  • Kooda

Producer(s) – Pharaoh Vice, MjNichols

  • Co-produced (along with Taz Taylor) the track “Buba”

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