Interview & photo set with instamodel and influencer, Destiny J aka Trini_.Killa

The influencer business is booming! In 2017, it was a $2 Billion industry and it is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2020. That means in 2018, there’s going to be about $4 to 5 billion spent on influencer marketing this year. And the tactic of influencer marketing doesn’t just work for brands selling a product, musicians also pay influencers, and regular people pay influencers just to grow their instagram and other social media followings. I am extremely curious about this business, because I am curious about all types of business in the media and entertainment categories, and I want to learn more. So I reached out to Destiny J, who is an instagram model / influencer, that I came across in my discover feed. Which I cant say enough is one of the best tools in this day and age. Anyways I saw her pictures popping up more and more, till the point that one day I just followed her.
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Also if you are like me, and you are constantly looking for instrumentals on YouTube, then I am pretty sure you will recognize her as one of the handful of models whose pictures get put in tons of type beat videos, especially by the producer Tash. 
Stats about Destiny J (Trini_.Killa) instagram page:
  • gains 282 new followers on average a day.
  • gains 8,460 new followers a month.
  • There is only one picture of hers on her IG page with less than 3k likes, and its a simple selfie that isn’t of the same quality as the rest of her pics. And that post is still at 2,871 likes. All of her other posts get anywhere from 5K to 15K likes.

Stats for her last 20 posts:

Seeing those stats and seeing that she was a #novababe, aka working with Fashion Nova, like the great Himynamestee, I had to reach out to her. . Well luckily, Destiny, was willing to do an interview and if you continue reading you can find out more about this beautiful model, see some of her pictures, and find out how the influencer game works.
Where are you from? I saw on your ig story I think u tagged west virginia.

I’m from West Virginia, yet I reside in Florida.

Lol, that’s funny. I’m from Florida, but reside in Pittsburgh, Pa…How old are you? I’m 18.

Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you? I can sing
What is one food you dont dislike but you could live without ever having again?  hamburgers.
When did you start ur trini_.killa ig page? This is actually my second account I’ve had. I’ve had this current account for almost 3 years.

What inspired you to be an influencer? I wouldn’t exactly say I was inspired, i just noticed all these different people getting free stuff just Because they had followers, and I decided to try it. Then before I knew it my page just blew up.


For those who don’t know what do you do? Basically companies, artists, designers, anyone who is looking for me to promote and increase their followers come to me. Mainly what I do is work with fashion companies who send me outfits and clothing to share to my page.

For anyone interested,  what are your rates and for what services? I charge by post basically. Each post stays up for a week and is charged by 30 a post. Usually if I work with a very large company there is no fee, a company such as fashion nova.
What does Fashion nova provide you, if you are working with them for free? I get to pick what I want. You just have to understand certain companies won’t pay you to promote their clothing because of how large they are.
How long have you been an influencer? I’ve been an influencer for about 2 years.
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Whats been the hardest part of getting to where you are now? The hardest thing about getting to where I am is dealing with People. Specially haters. People who have nothing to do with their life or just assume things they know nothing about. I definitely use that block button on the daily and refuse to tolerate disrespect. I stay to myself, never in drama, and post and go. So it’s very hard for me to stay quiet when someone says something. But I’ve come to accept their just fans.

How much would you say you make monthly on average? 
On a monthly average I’d say I make about 400$.
What is the most money you made from a client to your influencer services? The most I’ve made working with a company is probably about 700$.
Is that all you do. Any other jobs? Instagram started out as something fun, I didn’t see it turning into income so as of right now I just keep doing my influencer thing and focus on obtaining my degree.

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