Interview with Messiah Beatz

Interview conducted by kaleb / @musicofcarolina 

Edited and intro written by @nicejewboy

Messiah Beatz is a producer out of Jamaica who doesn’t let distance prevent him for producing for a score of the notable names on the underground rap scene. Right now, his claim to fame is being one of the go to producers for Yung Bans but he’s done a lot more then that and is well on his way to making himself a household name in the industry.

Check out some of his beats, some of his productions, and find out more about this rising producer by scrolling down.

-Where does the name Messiah Beatz come from? Well, It’s a funny story lol, my psn for playstation used to be @bvse_messiah and you know, added shit up and bam.

-What’s it like producing records for American rap artists being from Kingston, Jamaica? Man, It’s crazy as fuck, people out here be surprised lol like It’s the craziest thing and when artists hear that’s where I’m from they always like “Woww”, it’s just wild.

-Where are you currently located? Jamaica at the moment, rotating between Montego Bay & Kingston.

-What’s it like producing for some familiar names in the underground U.S. rap scene at the age of just 15? Well, now I’m turning 17 but at 15, it was shocking. I was literally shook at my first placement which was with Glo Gang (Ballout). I just felt like this was a new beginning.

-How’d you learn piano at 5 years old? My mama loves music and shit so she basically forced me to learn it lmao, no cap. She kept me till I was like 14 in it.

-You have a 39-song playlist on your SoundCloud entitled “Dancehall.” There’s a lot of money in it, of course. Do you plan on producing these tracks at some point in your career? Yall could see that?? Man *laughs* I swore I had that shit on private! But yeah I do! For artists that are in there.

-Does music from Jamaica influence your creative process for making beats? To be honest, not really. In a couple of my beats which are heavily dancehall influenced but I mostly make straight trap with a melodic, emotional atmosphere.

-How’d you become Yung Bans’ official producer? Craziest moment of my life, I swear. I’m just one of them tho, there’s others like my brother Sad Balmain, Chris Surreal, etc. One day, like 6 months before I got my first song with him “Fire”, I sent him that beat. I’d dm him everyday and got no response, then heard he was locked up. Soon as he was out, about a week later, I just got a text from my gang, shoutout arp gang, saying aye that’s your tag, and I was like naw forreal? Went and checked to see it was and I legit was smiling deadass for a hour *laughs* I was having the worst day too, this lil bitch made me spill my food earlier.

-How much do you charge for beats? (Rates) Well, for a lease $50 and exclusives start at $250. Prices will be increased very soon to higher though! Shoutout my manager, Lil Jay So Icy, he shootin for Trippie Redd right now, he said best I increase from now and that’s the deal!

-What’s your favorite placement? Man, Yung Bans the biggest but on a favorite, Mikey100K, we got a song called Feels and man, that shit a hit. I also love Running In Place by Bans, produced by BasedTJ and I.

-Why do artists from Chicago influence you? Man, they the reason I was making beats. I used to make em dark drill Chief Keef, Fredo Santana type beats, Rest in peace Big Boss SSR you dig, but they the reason I start it, you can still hear that type of vibe in some of my beats still.

-What does TM88 do differently that you like? Man that nigga too crazy, he got a whole different sound bro and he mad melodic to me. That nigga followed me last month on Twitter.

-What do people need to know about you? Man, I’m a young ass nigga and I’m gonna really boss up on all them people that doubted me very soon. Hide your bitches too nigga cause we taking everything!

-What should upcoming producers know about the music industry? This music industry is fucked. FUCKED. They full of snakes, that’s why hella artists leaving and protesting against. Us producers as well, we don’t get respect for shit either, TM88 ain’t get paid for XO Tour Life, which is a major hit, platinum. Best believe.

What are you allowed to announce for 2018? Well, me and Mikey got hella shit on the way, expect me and Bans to hopefully have a tape this year. Working with your favorite artists right now! I will probably be attending Full Sail University for music in September maybe too.

What is the best site to sell beats on? Beatstars all the way! I used to not fuck with them but that pro page 2.0, naw forreal!

Do you have any shout outs? Yeah, shoutout my mom and dad, my brother, the whole of SR Gang, that’s blood. Arp Gang and lastly but not least, my biggest supporter, my girl. I can’t say her name cause I don’t know if she gonna trip.

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