Interview + photoset with adult film star Athena Rayne

How old are you? I’m 20 years old, November baby forever <3
Where are you from? Well I’m a military brat, however where I was living before LA? Savannah, Georgia
I am assuming your stage name is not your real name lol so how did you come up with that as your acting name? *laughs* Well I’m a huge history, mythology, and religious studies fan. I wanted to come in with a name that felt like the best version of myself; strong, loving, wise, ambitious, and fair. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy… She made me feel like a bubble of confidence.. guess it stuck. Rayne was honestly an ex friend of mine’s middle name… I did it out of spite if anything *hahaha*
How many scenes or movies have you done? Do you have any particular favorites? So far I’ve shot almost 35 in 3 months. My bangbus scene and the one I have in post production right now are probably my favorites.
Any particular actors or actresses or directors you have enjoyed working with? I absolutely LOVE working with TeamSkeet; they typically will stand back and just let me rock it out, which is hard to find while you’re new haha. Lexi Lore(my bestie and first gg partner) Jmac, Ashley Anderson, Bambino, Kyle Mason, and Tommy Gun have been my favorite costars and new friends.
How did you get into being an adult actress? Idk. I was already camming and just knew there was more for me than cleaning vomit off of my bosses shoes at mcdonalds. It was my biggest adventure yet; I’d take it a million times over.
Anything funny ever happen on set? If I’m there, there’s always a laugh to be had! I know its weird to meet someone for the first time; so I just like to make everyone a little less tense.
Whats the craziest thing thats happen to you since you starting acting? The craziest thing? Apparently I create a new sex position every time I shoot but I assume you meant wacky. Well I had one director who had a lot of dogs… well he couldnt leave them at home so they had me running around the set most of the day because I’m an animal lover. Eventually they had to put them outside to keep me focused
What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I have a few. 1. My parents know (being christians who were never sex positive) and are extremely supportive. 2. I own a stuffed unicorn named lizard that a fan sent me which I take everywhere 3. I was offered 3 major Ivy league scholarships and turned them down.
What is one food you dont hate but you would be ok with never eating again? Mcdonalds french fries
a lot of porn stars suppliment their income in various ways,  sex toys, stripping,  etc. What are some of the ways you supplement your income outside of acting? I run a business of my own lol. Lately I’ve been looking into dancing; however up to this point it has been designing custom sex toys and working on my new studio, RayneX

Have you ever been recognized by one of your fans or just anyone in general? what happened? Since my bangbus scene and hookup hotshot I feel like I get stopped a lot XD The most common is my starbucks barista; but he’s so cute I don’t even mind

Has your pay rate increased as you became more popular? If you can tell us, what are you making per scene now as compared to when you first started? *giggle* Well I am still pretty new, I do see it happening with a lot of girls but for me I just ask what I believe is fair. I keep standard rates because I feel like I have to work longer before I’ve earned it. I can say I’ve done better at managing and I can make more now through other channels

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