Soundcloud find (BBGUNS “Thirst”)

Holy sh*t.

I don’t think I have ever been more surprised to hear what I just heard.

First off, let me back up, for the readers who don’t know, I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. There is a healthy and stacked local rap music scene that ranges from a Pittsburgh version of chicago Drill music (Jimmy Wopo, Hardo, Flatline Nizzy) to heady stoner rap (Hella Hashtags) all the way to alt rap (Romance Nyogu, GlassHead) and everything in between.

Now to be honest, I have been a little slacking on keeping up with the music in my area recently, which is why it took me 6 days after the release of an album by the local group BBGUNS to finally listen to their album. And damn, am I pissed I slept on this. I mean it has one of my favorite local rappers, Romance Nyogu as the guess artist on the last track of the album. And my favorite local producer, C. Scott, handles production on 6 out of the 13 tracks on the album.

After listening to the album, this is what I have to say… Listen to me right now, if you are a hip hop fan who likes Atmosphere, Wiki, and / or Charles Hamilton then this album is f*cking for you! The music reminds me heavy of all of those three above, hell it actually reminds me a lot of P.O.S. (if you know who that is).

This album, might be the best full length local project I might have heard in awhile if not since… You know what, put it like this. This is real talk right here, in my opinion for best local projects in the last 10 years, and I mean full length mixtapes or albums that were created in Pittsburgh, by Pittsburgh rappers and producers, the list goes:

  1. Star power – Wiz Khalifa
  2. EZ MAC, But my Maccin Aint Easy – EZ MAC (now known as Mac Miller)
  3. Thirst – BBGUNS
  4. The Mon Valley Miracle – The 58’s

There it is, I f*cking said it.

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