“Kickin Sh*t” Interview with producer TNTXD

TNTXD is a producer who I found out about recently because he is part of a production team that calls themselves the “Fly Way”. The team consists of the following producers;

A little intro in to who TNTXD is and why he is worthy of an interview:

  • He produced Nba Youngboy’s breakout hit, “Kickin Shit”.
  • 21K+ Subscribers on YouTube.
  • 6.4 Million+ views on YouTube.


Check out some of his beats and find out more about this rising producer below!

Major credits? Nba Youngboy , Black Youngsta , Young Thug , Boosie , Moneyman , Omg Peezy , Jaydayoungan , Rich The Kid , Montana of 300
How old are you? 23
Where are you from? Atlanta Ga
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? About 4 years and I was bored one day so I picked up a laptop while I was working at cracker barrel, I was supposed to go to the army but they wouldn’t let me in
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Being able to pay all my bills on time lol and move into a nice house
Who are your biggest influences? The people I see everyday that are working towards their goals even when all odds are against them
Want to give any shoutouts? The whole FLYWAY no matter what I appreciate everything that the group has done to help me grow
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? Ive never used a piano to make a beat
What is the best platform for selling your beats? why? Youtube is where its at , thats just speaking from personal experience when you get so many subs the sales come with it
Whats your process for making a beat? I honestly don’t have one I hope to get lucky every time and put something together that sounds good lol
What do your beats normally cost? Lease $30 exclusives $500 and Up
What is the most you have made from one beat? $1000
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? Nba YoungBoy took my beat off youtube it was his breakthrough song
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use? I use Fl its very easy to use I was taught to work smarter not harder
What are your plans for 2018? To get on the charts and to actually start liking my beats
Do you have other income streams besides producing? If so,  what are they?  I engineer also I don’t get royalties yet and I made about $1500 from youtube ad monetization so far.

CuratedFlame Links:

TnTXD Links:

● Twitter : https://twitter.com/tntbeatsxd

● Instagram : http://instagram.com/tntbeatsxd

● Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/tntproductionss

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