“Ninety Five” : Review of DiAmond Miller’s new tape

Review written by Kaleb (@musicofcarolina)

Edited by @nicejewboy

“Ninety Five”

DiAmond Miller wants everyone to know he’s here to stay with his latest release, “Ninety Five.” There’s a level of maturity and introspection on this tape unlike his prior releases. Much of this stems from Miller’s careful selection of just 10 beats for the tape. The lyrics on this project delve deeper into topics like addictive behaviors and today’s racial and economic relations globally. Miller’s catchy, repetitive hooks will leave you thinking about his songs hours after they’re done playing.

Notable lyric:

“How could I talk about your flaws? I’m such a hypocrite

How could I be so insecure and still a narcissist

How could I put that shit on you when I’m the one to blame?

I thought that shit was cool, looking back that shit was lame, damn”

DiAmond Miller – “Couple

The recording for this project took place over three cities: Columbia (SC), Fort Mill (SC) and Charlotte (NC). Miller began recording in December 2016 back when the project had no name. Miller worked closely with his homie Cooper over the duration of the creative process for “Ninety Five.” Cooper has two placements on the tape under “The Klepto.”

“Last thing we wanna see is a World War III and that ain’t too hard to understand

You break ya’ back to help Europeans say fuck the brown and black man

I’m off of that but don’t take it back though I’d hate to use my white fans

I ain’t saying fuck the white man but I am saying fuck the man”

DiAmond Miller – “Fly

Production Credits: NA$A, Chronic Cloud, Yung Icey Beats, The Klepto, PhantomNine3 and Jonny Tsunami.

“How I’m gon’ be gentle when I’m just a roughneck?

Lowlife living leave ‘em highly upset

If they talking battles then they better come correct

Kill a rapper, police naming me the only suspect”

DiAmond Miller – “Roughneck



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