12 questions with Anastasia Knight

Anastasia Knight is an adult film actress whose face I have seen popping up more and more. I found her email on twitter and reached out to see if I could do an interview with her and to my surprise she responded back saying “she would be happy to!”
I sent her some questions and below you can find out more about this rising starlet and then later on in the article check out her photo set.
Interview w/ Anastasia Knight 
How old are you? 18
Where are you from? Michigan
I am assuming anastasia knight isnt your real name lol so how did you come up with that as your acting name? I was looking at Russian names and I also happen to stumble upon Knight, as in my Knight and shining armor. Definitely the one for me, it just fit me.
How long have you been doing scenes? cause i only recently started noticing you. Since October of last year
How many scenes or movies have you done? Do you have any particular favorites? I’m not really sure more than 20. But my favorite is passion for HD, I danced very sexual but God damn I looked hot.

Update: She just released a new video with Bang.com that you can get here.
Any particular actors or actresses or directors you have enjoyed working with? Jacob from mofos, and the one and only makeup artist, Katie!
How did you get into being an adult actress? I looked on Craigslist and said fuck it I’m going to do it. True story.
Anything funny ever happen on set? I farted once and nobody noticed but it smelled so bad I look at the director’s face .. said another story. But jokes on him, whoever smelt it dealt it right?

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I love writing, I love studying… I was really good in school
What is one food you dont hate but you would be ok with never eating again? Coleslaw
A lot of porn stars supplement their income in various ways, sex toys, stripping, etc. Do you have any plans for something like that? Sometimes I’d think about escorting and I mean.. not really only that..
Have you ever been recognized by one of your fans or just anyone in general? what happened? Well not technically… None of my fans every really saw me walking around besides old friends who know I do this.
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  1. She is a beautiful young woman that actually has some acting chops – maybe it is time to go mainstream and move beyond the porn world. Just curious, are you Hispanic? If not, what is your ethnic history.

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