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I will admit, I am not that heavy of a twitter user. I am way more active on Instagram if I am being honest. So I didn’t know that there are a bunch of producers using twitter to promote their beats by posting comments on celebrities tweets. The way I found out about this was my boy over at @musicofcarolina who hit me up and was like bro you need to check out this producer called Marc Boomin. He explained to me that Marc Boomin employs a strategy of promoting his beats by posting comments which are often recorded videos of him playing his type beats on celebrities tweets. But he will name the type beat after the last tweet from the celebrity he’s posting on soooo if Joe Budden goes “Ima block you” he will upload a comment on the tweet and say “Ima block you type beat”.


This is an interesting strategy that I now come to realize a lot of other people are doing however Marc Boomin seems to be the first one to start doing this! So yeah I had to do an interview with the guy. Kaleb aka @musicofcarolina reached out to him and asked if he would do an interview for the site, and he agreed. Below is an extensive interview where I first ask Marc a variety of questions that I like to ask all of the producers I interview  and then later on in the interview Kaleb gets in-depth with Marc about his interesting strategy.

Notable credits? (artist/song) 
  • Roadrunner Costa- Roadrunnin Pt.1
  • Cash Kidd- Chill
  • Wandoe- Move
How old are you? 22
Where are you from?  Detroit
What is the best platform or way to sell beats in your opinion? Just social media period anywhere on it u just gotta know how to move out here find a way to reach out to the world
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? Since I was 12 I’m 22 now so  10 years now. I got into because I always just loved hip hop and the sonics of it. I was fascinated with how music was made being around my brother he always listened to music and rapped, so I just started making beats for him and my cousin.
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? All the love and support I’m getting.. It’s crazy lol I got the whole world damn near riding my wave it’s cool though Also I got hella industry people reaching out PNB told me send him some beats ybn nahmir dm me an said send him Beats Bobby V followed me n told me he see me grinding lol dat shit wild I grew up seeing bro on tv. Trey Songz replied to one of my videos an followed me as well. Mainly the best thing to happen is how I’m inspiring people not just producers and artists just regular people they say my beats get them in a good mood help them get through the day and also my hustle is inspiring.

Who are your biggest influences? DR.DRE MIKE WILL QUINCY JONES KANYE WEST
Want to give any shoutouts?Shoutout all the RoadRunners kill bill costa grunt flystro 586 Mar Mar Zell Rell FREE ACE he gone be home in May
What is something about you people would be surprised to know?
Lol I got bad anxiety I’m very irritable but I be smooth doe I just be koolin for da most part😂😂😂💯💯
Whats your process for making a beat? Melody first drums last everybody thinks all I make is samples lol I just mastered it a couple of months ago I purposely put just samples on social  media 98% of my music is original wait till you hear my album
What do your beats normally cost? $50 on social media $100 in the streets but it’s not even about the money that’ll come it’s about the foundation we can build together
What is the most you have made from one beat? $300 couple springs ago at my brother crib my homeboy friend came thru from the west ig he got money like that he heard me playing a beat asked how much I just threw a random number he pulled out 300 An said record me to this I had the Stu all the time at my bro crib dat shit was lit af
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? I got a placement on Detroit rapper Cash Kidd 2015 Just Because mixtape through my homeboy Lano he a producer to THATS his mans he made Kidd’s breakout single On My Mamma we made hella Beats at his crib he sent it to em Kidd picked one an hour we got the placement we both made the beat
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use? Fl Studio and Reason there both easy and hands on everything’s right there but it really don’t matter what you use it’s all about how creative u can get with music a lot of old heads try to down new producers for not using mpcs tbh it really dont matter lol Soulja boy became a millionaire of fl studio demo it’s about how u can connect with people really
How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017? Probably 10 or more I just started back making beats in the middle of 2017 the first half of  2017 an all of 2016 I was rapping not making beats lmao dat shit was a great waste of time people don’t understand you got have money to be an artist this shit is a business can’t start a business without a financial backing 💯💯
What are your plans for 2018?
TAKE over hip hop change the culture and the way producers get on I got real life fans I got merch coming soon ima business man now it’s not even about making beats no more I’m tryna be my own artist put my name in front of everything I do producers now a days don’t really get love like that artist ask all the time send beats everything should be 50/50 but it’s never really the case I wanna change that instead of a producer just sending beats we can make sure the world knows who makes these hot records I got my instrumental ep I’m working on coming out next month all samples called Soul Food based on the movie I’m working on my album also gone b a classic
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)
ME AND MY TEAM DATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT DIS ROADRUNNER SHIT 💯💯 An all the rappers From Detroit are city a whole movement I’m not worried about nobody else
What inspired you to employ the strategy you do? Lol man it was just me having fun no thought to it I keep it goin because everybody think it’s funny all my homeboys be laughing to i don’t find none of it comical though it means nothing to me
Editors note: The rest of the interview below is @musicofcarolina discussing Marc Boomin’s twitter strategy.

It looks as if you were the first producer to market your beats by replying to a celebrity’s Tweet with their exact message and add “TYPE BEAT” at the end. Did your manager come up with this strategy? NO that was all me like I said no thought into it i actually got 100k less than two days the first of this year without the Type beat lol I been doing numbers it’s just the type beat wave just escalated it people wild for finding it funny lmao 😂😂 but it’s all love we gone take this to the top

What is the most amount of views you got on one beat?Over 600k to the Aaliyah sample u can see on my page it’s alla blessing really

Do you know how many views you have overall? I know it’s millions most definitely never took the time out to look but my Twitter impressions over 20 Million since December too easy 😂😂

How have people responded to your method? 99% positivity 1% negativity I embrace it all especially the negativity wen somebody say something disrespectful I respond with positivity the fans I love em the really out here riding wit me they post my videos for me and I got a couple of fan accounts shit is dope
Have you gotten a fanbase from this? Hell yea dis shit too real I got supporters so many people who say I inspire them that’s why I do this anyway to inspire fuck the fame we gone pave the way
Do you employ this strategy on other social media platforms besides Twitter? Naw just twitter because it’s the best way to be direct with people
How long do you plan to push your content on every celebrity’s Tweet or top Tweets? Lol till I get to that level were I can release these records an put out my album The whole world gone know best believe 🙏🙏💯💯 everyday we lit
What’s the funniest interaction you’ve encountered? It’s a couple. Joe Budden quoted one of my videos an said if you tweet me that same beat again I’m blocking you sir, his next tweet I did he blocked lol dat shit had me dead just because he already funny af.
Zias he a YouTuber who do reaction videos to all the poppin songs he quoted my tweets a couple of times one specific time he replied back n snapped he was getting irritated he said stfu before I block you type beat lmao I was laughing for like damn near a hour he cool doe ima fan I still be posting my videos on his tweets he never blocked me he prolly rock with my music idk 😂😂
BUT Dj akademiks shouted me out not directly an said all u type beat niggas annoying ima block y’all If y’all keep at it i put my video to that tweet with the caption that shit damn near went viral quick af lol everybody was saying u a legend he blocked right after that it’s still doin numbers now my fans spamming his tweets with my video Dey dedicated like me All this is really just a blessing ima keep pushing forward me an my team bouta take over 2018 🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯
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