“Flexin Like Dat” Interview with Sana Leako

Sana Leako is a rapper on the underground who has been making a little buzz and name for himself by releasing a steady stream of dope tracks with visuals attached that have premiered on Elevator and other channels/sites.

I have written about him before and I often describe him as making music that any fan of Young Thug would love.  I actually released this interview months ago, and somehow it got deleted or disappeared. Idk why fr so I am republishing it today! Scroll down to check out his music and to read our minimalist interview below!

Where are you from? atlanta georgia

Who is Sana Leako? sana leako is a hellstar musician

How long you been rapping? 4 years

Who are your influences? chief keef and young thug
What are your goals with music? rule the world
How much do you charge for features and shows? 400 for feature 1000 for show
Whats been the dopest sh*t bout doing this rap music? free shoes clothes and money
What did you do today? record a song
Whats in your pocket? a gun and weed
What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I am a scientist

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