Marco Birlan is designing cover art and merch for your favorite underground rappers.

I found Marco Birlan a couple days ago when I was looking for graphic designers on IG. Scrolling on his page, I saw that not only is his work in the same vein as a lot of the artwork that in vogue right now but he also has his own style and has worked for a handful of big name rappers on the underground and soundcloud scene.

I reached out to do an interview and below you can check out examples of his work / placements and find out more about this artist.


Any major credits I should list? (please give examples of the work  u did for the people you r listing)

  • I designed;
  • Soulja Boy “Gucci Durag” song cover
  • Jose Guapo “B on the Head” song cover
  • Jose Guapo “Lingo 2” album cover
  • J Balli, Fatboy SSE & Lar$$en “Turn Up” song cover
  • 24hrs & Jose Guapo “Loose Change” song cover
  • Rich The Kid & YBN Almighty Jay “Beware” song cover


Any interesting stories on how you secured your placements?Actually is one. I got to work with Rich Forever Music, after one of Rich the Kid beat-makers (Narqui$e) accidentally found my Instagram profile and recommended me.

How old are you? I am 23 years old.

Where are you from?  I am from Romania, Europe.

How long have you been designing album / mixtape / song covers? Graphic design was an old passion, but I started this work seriously only in April, last year.


What are your rates? My prices are between 40$ and 70$. I have a detailed list on my Instagram profile.

Do you receive any royalties when your designs get put on merch? It depends. There were times when I was paid strictly for design offered and cases when I received a percentage of product sales.

How did you get into the game? First I worked only in Romania. But after only one month, I came in contact with few underground rappers from USA.


Who are your biggest influences? I follow so much designers all around the world. KD Designz or Moabvillain are a big influence for me.

Want to give any shoutouts? Actually, yes. For many it may seem surprising, but my logo is not created by me personally. It was a gift from a friend who is also a graphic designer, Ionut Cuc.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? Even if I create art, I just got an Electrical Engineering degree.


Who are the favorite artists you have worked with? Jose Guapo helped me alot and iss one of my favorite artists. Also, I am very happy to work with names like Soulja Boy or Rich the Kid.

Do you use a particular software? I do my all work with Adobe Package (Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign).

How many designs have you sold in your career? Haha, that`s a tough question. Honestly I don`t know a number but there were over 60-70.

How much did you make last year? Not enough to be my only income.

What are your plans for 2018? I want to evolve day by day, remove all my fears and get it straight to the top!


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