Suburb Trap: Introducing regular erik

Continuing with the trend of the last couple posts, regular erik is a rapper that I didn’t know about until I made a post asking who I should interview next. This guys fans flooooded my instagram saying I should interview him.

I wasn’t sure if it was homeboy just using a bunch of spam accounts so I checked each person who said it and each account was a real person. Alright so after that I looked into his music and I was actually impressed both by his music and his aesthetic. Dude has the same vibe I like, half trap half suburb. Hell, if you go onto his soundcloud his location is listed as Pleasantville, as in pleasantville the movie with Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon.

Because of his fans spamming my post and because I f*cked with his steez, I had to do an interview with the homie, so I reached out. Below you can read the funny af interview we did and check out his fye music.






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regular erik links:

  • soundcloud: regularerik
  • instagram: @regularerik
  • twitter: @regularerik
  • tumblr:


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