“NANN HOE” introducing Sukihana

Sukihana is one of the more interesting characters that has popped up among a growing list of stripper rappers looking to capitalize on a bubbling trend and Cardi B’s success.

What first stood out to me about this artist was really her lyrics. Sure, Sukihana is making the typical stripper (or escort) turned rapper music which topics usually range from braggadocious lyrics about ones body and sexual prowess,  drugs, sex, and more sex. However, Sukihana peppers her songs with lyrics that can be witty, and almost too brutally honest. For example, look at this stand out bar couplet from her video and song “Faneto Freestyle”;

“In 6th grade I was in special ed

I was slow as hell

Dont give a f*ck, cause now I get that bread

Give them bitches hell”

I heard that lyric and I was just like “Oh my… bless her heart” LOL!


The video above was released a month ago and has accumulated over 48K videos.

Now her most recent video has been out for 2 weeks and is currently at a little over 18,000 views. The track is called “Nann Hoe” and her lyrics only get more real, provocative, and honest.

Some notable lyrics include:

“You don’t know nann hoe, who sell more pussy then me/

I made him pay 30 thousand,

I ain’t ever f*cked no n*gga for free


I been f*ckin rich n*ggas

I been swallowing Kids”




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