Who is BlocBoy JB?

So late last night/early into this morning, a video popped up of Drake for a song called “Look Alive”.

Depending on what outlet you look on, either Drake is the featured artist or the other rapper on the track, BlocBoy JB, is the featured artist. Either way, Drake has given out his first “Drake stimulus plan” of the year.

But who is BlocBoy JB? A lot of people are now wondering to themselves. I know I am.

Well I did some research and this is what I found out.

BlocBoy JB is a 21 y.o. rapper out of Memphis Tennessee whose lyrics delve into the typical street raps but at the same time he comes across as a more energetic and more playful Young Thug. He dances outlandishly in his videos and he just comes across as a happy go lucky street dude. He first began causing buzz last year when he released the video for a track called “Shoot” on July 25. Since then, the video has racked up over 6 million views.

After the buzz that track stirred, he released a handful of videos that have each racked up view counts from the low 6 figures into the single digit millions.

Drake, who has a huge love of Memphis, Tennessee, obviously saw what the young artist was doing. So they collaborated on the track “Look Alive”.

What’s also interesting to note is that the single “Look Alive” is being released through OVO sound which has many people wondering if BlocBoy JB is now signed to Drake. I doubt it, I think it’s just a business relationship for this single since BlocBoy is still unsigned as far as I can tell.


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