Who tf is Ye The Goat? (interview)

I found out about Ye The Goat because one of his pictures popped up in my feed and in the picture he is with rising artist “Ohtrapstar”, and I was curious about who this guy (Ye The Goat) was.  He seems a little mysterious, that is what intrigued me.

Whats the mystery?  I never heard of him before this and he is also cool with Ohtrapstar who is also seemingly popping up out of nowhere. Also Ye, has 11.7k followers on IG  and his pics get anywhere from 1100 to 2800 likes and mad comments. So it doesn’t seem to be fake followers and social proof that he is getting. Yet he only has two tracks on Soundcloud so who is this guy.

Well he was down to do an interview which you can check out below.

How did you come up with the name YeTheGoat? I got my name because my French name is Collye’ so they dropped the colly and kept Ye, and the goat is my favorite animal, and it stands for the greatest of all time.

Does being from Miami have any influence on your music? I didn’t start taking Music seriously until I moved to Florida and people just started fucking with it. It’s hard not to be influenced by each other cause we all listen to each other’s music.

Oh, you moved to florida? where are you originally from? why the move to florida? I moved to Florida from lower Alabama, I was doing music out there then moved. I moved for more opportunities in Music and to go to school at Full Sail University studying Music Business

How do you know ohtrapstar? I met ohtrapstar through our engineer trop so we linked at club heart and ever since then we’ve been cool. He’s bro

Are you involved in your local music scene? I’m not really involved with the local music scene, I don’t really go to clubs unless I preform or someone invites me.

How old are you? 22

What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started releasing product? Just meeting everyone and doing shows with them like Kirko Bangz, Roscoe Dash, Kap-G, OG Maco, Ohtrapstar, 458 Keez, etc

Tell us the craziest sh*t you’ve ever done? I was opening up for Roscoe Dash and accidentally threw water on the sound guy at the drop and he got mad and tried to shutdown the show.

What is one food that you don’t hate (can’t be one that you hate) but you could live without ever having again? Gummy bears. I like em they just make my stomach hurt

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who makes the beats?  Reddrum and Dirty Vans usually, but I’m branching out to other producers now.

Who are your biggest musical influences?? Rebelution, Brock Hampton, The Doors

What are your goals? To live a lavish lifestyle solely funded by my music career

What did you do 2day? We rented a hotel in Orlando, 458 Keez and some girls came thru and we got lit

How much you charge for a feature? a show? As of right now I don’t have too much original songs out that are solo. So if I like your image and music I’ll charge $500 if I don’t $1000. And for a show I charge $1000

What are you trying to do with music? Form a cult

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Performing with lil Aaron at Vans Warped Tour.

What are your plans for 2018? Make a lot of YouTube music video singles with popping artist and producers.

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