“Capsule Corp” Interview with MilanMakesBeats

Who is MilanMakesBeats?

He is the producer behind such hits as:

  • “Butterfly Coupe” – Playboi Carti and Yung Bans
  • “Vlone Thug” – Playboi Carti
  • “Dresser” – Yung Bans
  • “I Know” and “Joker” – D Savage
  • “Boat Time” – Lil Yachty

MilanMakesBeats (who also makes all his own cover art),  biggest hit on his Spotify page is about to hit 500,000 plays, and his biggest placement was later turned into a music video shot by Cole Bennett with 2.1 million views. Funny enough, the video is “Dresser” by Yung Bans (it happens to be the song they’re beefing over). Also in November 2017, MilanMakesBeats Tweeted about being ranked 42,000th in number of albums ever sold on Amazon (29 million).

Now that you know a little about him, continue scrolling for the interview.

What is it like being from Rock Hill, South Carolina? Being from South Carolina, considering the genre of music that I work in. Most people here, will make “down South” dirty music, where as I myself will make City based music. My town is very small compared to the location of other artists that I will work with.

How’d you start making beats? It started on my friends’ back porch. A lot of them liked to freestyle and I wasn’t very good at rapping, so I began making beats to allow my friends to freestyle to my music.

What software do you use? I used  FL Studio 12 and basic Logitech Speakers, that’s all.

What’s been your favorite musical moment while creating? My favorite moment is always when the song is completed after the mix and mastering for the first time.

What is Cap$ule Corp.? It is a producer duo composed of myself and ChinaTown Beats. We also have signed artists that perform on our beats.

How did you begin working with rappers like Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty & Yung Bans to name a few? I began working with them through social media, and connection through other supporters input through these networks, which allowed the named artist to contact me about music inquires.

What placement are you most appreciative of? I am most appreciative of the placements where myself and others are benefitted. These placements include Cap$ule artists such as: Smoove Dinero, Yung Neff, Lil Turbo. Just to name a few.

How does your pricing work? I begin by asking the artist budget, and I work around that price if possible. But if they do not give me a budget, then the going rate is 250 for leases and 1500 for exclusive rights. Exclusive are done through contracts.

How do your royalties work? I get a check monthly from SoundCloud streams and all other major streaming platforms. You receive a small percentage per play.

What motivates you? I am motivated knowing that I can help to pave the way for younger producers and also create timeless music.

What’s your favorite beat/track you produced for someone? My favorite tracks are “First Day In The Trap” by Thouxanbanfauni, Mar90s & UnoTheActivist, “Dresser” and “Butterfly Coupe” by YungBans [and Playboi Carti].


What do you have in store for your supporters this year? I have a lot of personal projects and albums I will be dropping with major artists and Cap$ule artists.

Just to clear a few things up, have you ever been to Milan? No I have not. Milan is actually my middle name, but I do plan to go to Milan one day just to tweet Milans in Milan.

Shout outs? Shoutout to other supporters and people who show love. Shoutout to all Cap$ule Artists.

Editors note: This is an interview with one of the hottest producers on the underground, MilanMakesBeats conducted by the homie @musicofcarolina and edited by me, @nicejewboy 







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