Soundcloud find: Boaty

Boaty is an artist that submitted their music to my email. Now I get about a dozen submissions a day and most of them are wack, really wack, and even more wack. Yet, there’s something about Boaty. The man isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel but his flow is smooth and rides the instrumental productions handled by a good number of the biggest producers on YouTube including Kid Ocean and Syndrome. I would best describe his music as drugged out soundcloud frat rap and I imagine we will be hearing way more from this guy.

Two standout tracks by Boaty include:

  1. OBVI (prod. by Kid Ocean) – First off, Kid Ocean, is probably my favorite producer on YouTube and Boaty knows how to handle this amazing beat by him.

2. One Night Feat. Lil Wave (Prod. AdamOnTheTrack)


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